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Follow the Winners Womens Resources


  Sunday Garage
6:30pm Sunday
1765 Restoration Rd SW, Rochester MN 55902
Zoom ID 331 825 9652, Password thegarage
Women and Recovery
7:00pm Monday
610 3rd St (garage)
Dodge Board and Lodge
Kasson Womens Group
Noon Wednesday
101 1st ST NE
St. Peters Episcopal Church
Peace Group
11:30am Thursday
1315 6th AVE SE
Hope Summit Christian Church
Men also welcome
Pioneer Womens Group
7:00pm Thursday
1340 3rd AVE SE
Red Wing Womens Group
7:00pm Thursday
255 E. 5th St
Red Wing
How it Works Womens Group
10:30am Saturday 289-5636
1340 3rd Ave SE

Online Resources

This was freedom!
Freedom from anger and fear,
freedom to know happiness and love.
This was the beginning of a new life...
Big Book 3rd Ed. pg.228